"But there was nothing about the little, low-rambling, more or less identical homes of Northumberland Estates to interest or to haunt, no chance of loot that would be any more than the ordinary, waking-world kind the cops hauled you in for taking; no small immunities, no possibilities for hidden life or otherworldly presence; no trees, secret routes, shortcuts, culverts, thickets that could be made hollow in the middle – everything in the place was right out in the open, everything could be seen at a glance; and behind it, under it, around the corners of its houses and down the safe, gentle curves of its streets, you came back, you kept coming back, to nothing; nothing but the cheerless earth."
Thomas Pynchon, "The Secret Integration"

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thepaver back the first time I saw them.  This song still gives me chills.

Wow, I had never heard of this band before, but this song is kind of something else. Those strings!


Brutage is nothing but burners (even the quiet one at the end). Absolutely one of my favourite records of the year so far.

Belle and Sebastian - “I Don’t Love Anyone”

I am so glad that I found this song when I was still a Teen; the simultaneously completely serious/not serious at all (and he knows it) sentiment was/is Very Important to me. Plus the narrator has the same number and gender of siblings as I do, so I’ve got that going for me, which is nice.

Belle & Sebastian — “Sleep the Clock Around”

I’m kind of surprised I let almost the whole summer get past me before I gave this album a serious listen. There’s also sorts of good stuff on this song (horns! a bagpipe!), but I identify with that organ.