"But there was nothing about the little, low-rambling, more or less identical homes of Northumberland Estates to interest or to haunt, no chance of loot that would be any more than the ordinary, waking-world kind the cops hauled you in for taking; no small immunities, no possibilities for hidden life or otherworldly presence; no trees, secret routes, shortcuts, culverts, thickets that could be made hollow in the middle – everything in the place was right out in the open, everything could be seen at a glance; and behind it, under it, around the corners of its houses and down the safe, gentle curves of its streets, you came back, you kept coming back, to nothing; nothing but the cheerless earth."
Thomas Pynchon, "The Secret Integration"

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Dr. J. Robert Oppenheimer (Father of the atomic bomb)

Truly the face of a haunted man.

Possibly the most poignant sound byte ever.

"I suppose we all thought that, one way or another"

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    He created a weapon of mass destruction, He caused a genocide. What’s better about that? Worse, it was definitely for...
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