"But there was nothing about the little, low-rambling, more or less identical homes of Northumberland Estates to interest or to haunt, no chance of loot that would be any more than the ordinary, waking-world kind the cops hauled you in for taking; no small immunities, no possibilities for hidden life or otherworldly presence; no trees, secret routes, shortcuts, culverts, thickets that could be made hollow in the middle – everything in the place was right out in the open, everything could be seen at a glance; and behind it, under it, around the corners of its houses and down the safe, gentle curves of its streets, you came back, you kept coming back, to nothing; nothing but the cheerless earth."
Thomas Pynchon, "The Secret Integration"

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the problem with making “escapism” the central and overriding framework through which we view art is, art is about connection and escapism runs away; you can only connect to escapist art if you and the artist are already running away in the same direction.


The Everything Is Chemical release is out today!  Along with 10 answers to 10 questions.

Go have a look-see-listen:  http://everythingischemical.com

Listen/download: EICV7” No. 77 by DenMother

Yet more really great, free music from DenMother (2014 has kind of been a banner year for that, and I think there’s still an album to come). Listen!

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Idlewild “4 People Do Good”

Remember when Idlewild were a punk band? This record is SO good. 100 Broken Windows is too. Their subsequent records were pretty decent, but the first two are epic. Wish these guys would reunite and just play those albums.

god, i love these two records so much.

There may have been a brief time when I would have told you that 100 Broken Windows was my favourite record in the world. (I’ll even go for The Remote Part, which was partially this and mostly just that album happening at the right time in my life.) I still get “Idea Track” stuck in my head on a regular basis, and “Roseability” is still an all-time great running song.


*doesn’t check bank account*
*pretends everything is fine*

I remember this phase of my life with fond, rueful nostalgia. These days I’m more into the *checks bank account* *laughs bitterly* life.