"But there was nothing about the little, low-rambling, more or less identical homes of Northumberland Estates to interest or to haunt, no chance of loot that would be any more than the ordinary, waking-world kind the cops hauled you in for taking; no small immunities, no possibilities for hidden life or otherworldly presence; no trees, secret routes, shortcuts, culverts, thickets that could be made hollow in the middle – everything in the place was right out in the open, everything could be seen at a glance; and behind it, under it, around the corners of its houses and down the safe, gentle curves of its streets, you came back, you kept coming back, to nothing; nothing but the cheerless earth."
Thomas Pynchon, "The Secret Integration"

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I’m just simply baffled by the idea that people can be without shelter in a country, and then be treated as criminals for being without shelter

Sir Nigel Rodley, human rights lawyer and UN committee chairman

33 U.S. cities ban or are considering banning giving food to the homeless

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Polish painter (b. 1866, Lublin, d. 1940, Marseille)
The Old City Market, Warsaw, at Night1892Oil on canvas, 61 x 46 cmMuzeum Narodowe, Poznan



Polish painter (b. 1866, Lublin, d. 1940, Marseille)

The Old City Market, Warsaw, at Night
Oil on canvas, 61 x 46 cm
Muzeum Narodowe, Poznan


if you use endnotes rather than footnotes i won’t not read what you’ve written and i won’t not enjoy it if it’s good but just know that i will always remember that you did that and i will never, ever forgive you

Nadja - “Mouths”

The thing about being in what qualifies for me as significant physical discomfort is that when the thought pops into my head, “ugh, this is the worst, I can’t deal with this, if it wasn’t going back to normal in a few days I don’t know what I’d do!” the thought that immediately follows that one is “you dick, you know people who are in this much pain, who are this restricted in their movements, or worse, every day of their lives.” Even if I didn’t know anyone dealing with chronic problems, that’s still a good thing to remember just in general. What’s a better example of the invisibility of privilege than the contrast between the amount of time I’ve spent thinking about my lower back in the past 24 hours versus the year before that? I hope I didn’t need a reminder not to be ableist, but I appreciate it nonetheless.

Also, since I’m not used to/am a huge baby when I’m dealing with pain, the subway/bus ride into work this morning was a bit of an adventure. I pretty much only got through the part where I couldn’t sit down by playing Queller at a suitably numbing volume, and it’s been ringing in my ears since.



Conrad Jon Godly.

The painterly work of Conrad Jon Godly is created with thick strokes (Which sometimes drip off the canvas) of paint that form the apex of mountainous landscapes.  Somewhat abstract in the initial process and upon viewing up close, stepping back is all it takes for the pleasing scene to come into focus:

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I think I’ve reblogged some of Godly’s work before, but damn would I love to see some of it in person someday.